​At American Industrial Motor Service on Jesse St., Grand Prairie in 1999

Orville S.Wright at Wright's Electric Motors on S. Cooper in Arlington Tx. 1959

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​American Industrial Motor Service in the beginning on Division St.,  Arlington in 1974

Orville S. Wright (far left) at General Electric Service Shop, Dallas 1948


Our Start

     My Dad, Orville S.Wright, was a big influence on me, starting me out in the business at a very early age.  My father started an electric motor repair shop (Wright's Electric Motors) in about 1958.  This was a side job for him in the beginning because he also was a professor at Arlington State College (now UTA) teaching Electrical Technology.  He got his start in Electrical Maintenance in World War II working on heavy bombers.  As a child I spent a lot of time at his shop because my mother worked full time as a registered nurse at Arlington Memorial Hospital.  He taught me how to rewind a motor when I was just 6 years old.  I'm writing this in 2016 so that was 57 years ago.  My brothers and I worked for him through Junior High, High School; and College.  One year after graduation my father turned the business over to me.  Two years later (1972) I decided to incorporate and formed American Industrial Motor Service, Inc.

     We have been working with many varied industries in the Metroplex area providing the very highest quality repair services year in, year out.  

    It's inevitable when you do something this long you are going 

to see a lot of changes. Many motors now are cheaper to replace

than to repair. I saw this coming many years ago. Over the last ten years or so we have moved more and more to specializing in the testing and repair of AC and DC servomotors and spindle motors

for CNC machines. We now work mostly with machine tool repair companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.